Monday, 12 February 2007



Mind and Brain
UOVO 13 will display interviews, essays, projects and works about and around the theme of the brain, amid Art and Science. For a human brain contains synapses and memories, grey matter and dreams, concepts and obsessions, numbers, instincts... A range of capabilities to be spread or measured up, a whole rainbow of activities: implications and suggestions are converging from different disciplines, from neurology to sociology, from installation to photography. Impressions illusions and knowledge of the world outside compared to our impressions, illusions and knowledge of our inner world are themes held together like in an exhibition. The brain is wider than the sky (Emily Dickinson).
Artists: Douglas Gordon by Michele Robecchi, Olaf Nicolai by Francesco Stocchi, Ryan McGinley by Ana Finel Honigman, Jesper Just by Lorenzo Bruni, Manfredi Beninati by Norma Mangione, Emily Wardill by Silvia Sgualdini, Geoffrey Farmer by Andrew Bonacina. Sampler: The Earlies, Spektrum, i:Cube, Akron/family, Metronomy, Francesco Tristano...
The magazine will be presented in early April.

UOVO #14 (GREEN) JUNE 2007: Ecology, Luxury and Degradation – guest edited by Latitudes
UOVO 14 '(GREEN) Ecology, Luxury and Degradation' will present interviews, essays and projects around art practices that resist the spectacularisation or romanticisation of ecological issues or the natural world. Instead their practices explore the operational function and processes of ecosystems themselves, a capacity to comprehend connections and transgress disciplines and boundaries while addressing the uniformly conflicted future of the planet. In a world where one of the US government's recent senior environmental appointees (Allan Fitzsimmons) has been supporting his view for nearly a decade that ecosystems do not exist, such artistic provocations – with a keen understanding of the new post-environmental world – can only be valuable for our collective sanity.

The magazine will be presented in early June coinciding with the openings of the 52nd Venice Biennial, Art Basel, Documenta 12 and Skuptur Projekte Münster, the 2 week 'art marathon'...