Saturday, 1 March 2008

UOVO#17 Sampler Tracklist

01. WINTER FAMILY "Garden"
02. BEACH HOUSE "Gila"
03. EL PERRO DEL MAR "Glory to the world"
04. MIDNIGHT KARAOKE "In every dream home a heartache"
05. FAIRMONT "Bikini atoll"
06. SEBASTIEN TELLIER "Sexual sportswear"
07. GLASS CANDY "Computer love"
08. LYKKE LI "Window blues"
09. BLACK MOUNTAIN "Queens will play"
10. MGMT "Week-en wars"
11. THE RUBY SUNS "There are birds"
12. SAM AMIDON "Little Johnny brown"
13. RAFTER "Slay me"
14. PONI HOAX "Faces in the water"